Mulberry Park Educate Together Primary
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Get involved

How to get involved...

At Educate Together we actively encourage the involvement of parents in the education of your children. Research shows that children do better in school if parents take an active part in their child's education.

How can you support your child?

  • Come into the classroom for 'activity mornings' every day 
  • Share books with your child and enjoy talking about them
  • Hear them read their school reading book regularly - at least five times a week
  • Find out and learn with your child about the topics they are doing 
  • Visit the school often, talk to the teachers and spend time in the classroom - there will be plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the year
  • Shopping and cooking with your child is an excellent way to use maths in an everyday context 
  • Attend open days, parent workshops and open evenings
  • Talk to the children about their time in school 

get involved in Mulberry park:

  • Attend parent forums and parent information afternoon/evenings
  • Become a reading volunteer 
  • Helping on school trips and visits to the local area 
  • Use your skills and talents to help us - let us know if you have any interests or hobbies that could be incorporated into our school 
  • Become a parent Council Member 
  • Respond to questionnaires and surveys
  • Talk to the teachers and the Headteacher