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Bumble Bee class

Welcome to Reception - Bumble Bee class

Our Class Teacher is Natasha and our Teaching Assistant is Tracy. 

We enjoy working with our children, families and the local community to give the children many exciting learning opportunities throughout their year in Reception. 

In Reception, a large part of our learning is through play. To find out more about the EYFS curriculum visit our National Curriculum page

Keep a look out for photographs, work and exciting events that take place in Bumble Bee class!


Summer 1

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Spring 2 - Minibeast Adventure!

Butterfly release

At the start of term, Bumble Bee class had an exciting delivery of caterpillars. Over the weeks they watched them grow and grow and GROW…until they formed their chrysalis. After waiting patiently, the children were very excited to find that they now had 5 butterflies! The children wanted to take care of them and decided it would be kind and respectful to release them so that they could find flowers in their own natural habitat.

Bath Bee Keepers

Helen and Phillip from Bath Bee Keepers visited Bumble Bee class to show the children a bee hive. The children had chance to explore the bee hives and found out about how bees collect pollen to make honey. They tasted honey and ate honey biscuits and had chance to try on a bee keeper outfit. Thank you to Helen and Phillip for an interesting and exciting session!

Bath City Farm visit

Bumble Bee class travelled on the public bus to Bath City Farm where they had 2 workshops with the staff there. The children helped Mike, the farmer, to feed all of the farm animals including the chickens and goats. Then they had a bug hunt workshop to find different minibeast in a range of habitats. After having a picnic the children enjoyed exploring the park area.

Spring 1 - Busy Wheels

Writing recounts

This week Bumble Bee class have been writing recounts of their visit to Somerdale ET. Look at some of their amazing writing:

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 16.32.44.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 16.31.37.png

Somerdale Educate Together visit

Bumble Bee class had an exciting adventure to Somerdale Educate Together. They travelled on the public bus and then by train to Keynsham where Somerdale ET met us. Bumble Bee’s loved working with their new friends at Somerdale ET and enjoyed sharing dinner with them.

Naughty Bus adventures

We have been reading ‘The Naughty Bus’. Our naughty bus has been on many adventures. We took our naughty bus to meet Somerdale Educate Together’s naught bus…look what fun they had!

Naughty Bus writing

Bumble Bee class have loved writing about ‘The Naughty Bus’. They are trying hard to use their phonics to help them sound out and write words.

Autumn 2 - Food, Glorious Food!

Christmas decorations

Bumble Bee class had such fun making Christmas decorations with Tula.

Making bird feeders

Bumble Bee class were thinking about how they could take care of the animals within our environment. They thought about the birds and how now winter is coming we need to look after them and care for them. The children decided that they would like to make bird feeders which they then took out into our school environment to feed the birds.


This week our class book is Supertato. We have lots of activities in our classroom linked to the book and have been writing labels for our own supertato’s. Some of us have created our own comic strips.

A trip to Pizza Express

Bumble Bee class went to Pizza Express as part of their food topic. They kneaded their own dough for the base before topping it with tomato sauce and cheese. They got to take the pizzas home for dinner…delicious! Thank you for a fantastic morning Pizza Express!

Babyccinos at the HUB cafe

For our treat for getting more than 150 dojo points, we went to The HUB for Babyccinos. We can’t wait for our next visit!

Music - playing the Cello

In our music lessons we have been learning to read music notes. This week, Lucie and Ian brought in a cello for us to have a go at playing.

Autumn 1 - I like me, I like you!


Bumble Bee class have enjoyed doing mindfulness and yoga this term. They enjoyed reading Autumn Adventure to get into different yoga positions, focussing on their breathing.

Hand hygiene

Bumble Bee class learnt about germs and how they spread. They thought about the importance of washing their hands after going to the toilet, sneezing, touching animals and before eating. The children then had a special cream put on their hands before washing them to get rid of all of the germs. After they put their hands in a special box to see if they had washed all of the germs away.

Parachute games

Bumble Bee class have been working extremely hard in class and have been showing our values to collect dojo points. As their reward for getting more dojo points than their class target, they enjoyed playing parachute games.


We have been focussing on the story of Elmer. Our classroom has been very colourful with lots of different activities. We have been retelling the story of Elmer using our class story map and have been investigating colour mixing. We are thinking about how Elmer is the same and how he is different to the other elephants; we are then starting to think about how we are similar and different to each other.

Investigating shadows

The sun was shining at lunchtime, Bumble Bee class noticed our shadows. We investigated making different shapes and movements with them before trying to run away. Our shadows followed us everywhere! We decided to draw around our shadows and will go back throughout the afternoon to see if our shadows have changed at all.

Our first PE lesson

Bumble Bee class all undressed and dressed themselves independently for their first PE lesson. They went into the huge hall and practised finding a space. Tash used splat mats to help them but by the end of the lesson they could find spaces all by themselves. Great work!


Today Bumble Bee class had their first music lesson today. They enjoyed exploring the different instruments and were great at following Lucie and Ian’s instructions. They can’t wait for their lesson next Friday!

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