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Hedgehog class


Welcome to Reception - Hedgehog class


Our Class Teacher is Natasha and our Teaching Assistant is Jessica. 

We enjoy working with our children, families and the local community to give the children many exciting learning opportunities throughout their year in Reception. 

In Reception, a large part of our learning is through play. To find out more about the EYFS curriculum visit our National Curriculum page

Keep a look out for photographs, work and exciting events that take place in Hedgehog class!



Autumn 1 - I like me, I like you!


Our senses

As part of our topic ‘I like me, I like you’ this week we have been learning about our 5 senses. We explored different stations and discussed which of our senses we were using at each one. We used lots of language explaining and describing how things feel, smell, taste, sound and look. We looked at non-fiction books about our senses to find out more information and exciting facts.

Hedgehog visit

Hedgehog class enjoyed having a visit from Cassie the Hedgehog and Yvonne from the Hedgehog rescue team. We found out about Hedgehog’s habitats and how they are now endangered. We learnt how we can make our gardens more Hedgehog friendly and how to make a Hedgehog hibernation box. We loved begin able to see Cassie close up and discussed why we couldn’t hold her ourselves.. “because her spikes can hurt our hands.” We also learnt about what Hedgehog’s like to eat and the animals that are their predators. We asked lots of questions to find out more information from Yvonne and were excited to get an adoption certificate for Cassie and our very own little cuddly Hedgehog for our class. We are excited to build our own Hedgehog hibernation box and have been thinking about how we can make our school grounds more Hedgehog friendly.


Another first this week for Hedgehog class, our first music lesson! Hedgehog class throughly enjoyed learning new songs and exploring how many different ways they could play a drum! Staff were very impressed with how well Hedgehogs listened and concentrated especially as it was at the end of our first week full time! We can’t wait for our next music lesson next week!

Our first P.E lesson

Hedgehog class had their first p.e lesson today. Staff were so impressed with how independently everyone got changed for the lesson. Hedgehogs made sure they were responsible for their clothes and packed them back into their p.e bags and left them in their space before lining up to walk the MUGA for the lesson. Hedgehogs walked beautifully to the MUGA and lined up next to the fence to listen to the instructions given by Chloe. We worked on our teamwork and agility skills today. We played tractor and trailer where we had to work in pairs. The person who was the tractor had to walk around the area trying to lose the trailer by changing directions. Next we played a game in groups of three using cones to make a square, one person had to call out colours of the cones for another person to move and touch, while the third person had to count to 10. We then all swapped jobs. Finally we played a game of toilet tag! When tagged we had to crouch down and put our hand up in the air for a friend to come and ‘flush’ us to free us back into the game. We had such a fun p.e lesson and even had some energy left to run our daily mile after! Well done Hedgehog class!

Daily Mile

Today Hedgehog class took part in their first daily mile! They perservered and ran, walked or jogged for 15 minutes. We talked about why we do the daily mile every day, some children said, “to build muscles” “to keep us healthy” “to make us fit and strong”. We had such fun running and counting the lengths of the pitch, we can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow. Well done Hedgehog class for running your first daily mile on your first full day in school. You have had such a busy day!

Our first assembly!

Hedgehog class walked beautifully down to the school hall today for our first school assembly. We sat and listened wonderfully and used our quiet hands when we wanted to share our ideas. We even joined in with singing and signing one of our assembly songs. Staff were so impressed with the way we walked in and out of the hall, how beautifully we sat and how well we joined in. A special thank you to Bumble bee class who were brilliant role models and helped us to learn to signs to the song. Well done Hedgehog class!

A sunny lunchtime..

Hedgehog class enjoyed the sunny weather at lunchtime today playing on the grass and the playground with Bumblebee class. They had great fun playing ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’, ‘stuck in the mud’, rolling down the grass slopes and making new friends! We can’t wait for more sunny lunchtimes next week!

Our first school dinner!

Hedgehog class stayed for their first ever school dinner! We carefully washed our hands before lunch then we lined up in our classroom before sensibly walking down to our school hall. We stood in a lovely line along the wall and patiently waited to be served our yummy curry dinner. Hedgehogs did a great job selecting their own cutlery and carrying their own plate of dinner to a seat. We all tried our meat or vegetarian curry, rice and salad whilst sat with our friends and talked about our dinner. Once we had finished we put our hand up and waited for an adult to send us to scrape our plates and put our cutlery in the washing up bowl, then we selected our pudding, we had a choice of fruit, yoghurt or cake and custard! After our dinner we went outside to play on the playground with the children in Year 1. Well done Hedgehogs! What a super first dinner you had, we are all very proud of you!

Our first week in Reception

Hedgehog class have had a fantastic first week in Reception exploring the different areas of the classroom and making new friends. We have enjoyed sharing stories, singing together and having a class snack time. We have started to learn about the bins we use in our classroom to recycle our food, plastic and residual waste.