Mulberry Park Educate Together Primary
Learn Together to Live Together

Trust and school


Trust Board

As an Academy, Mulberry Park Educate Together is governed by the Educate Together Academy Trust Board, comprised of highly skilled professionals volunteering to ensure our schools are well run.

Information about the Educate Together Academy Trust governance structure can be found on our website here, along with our Articles of Association, Scheme of Delegation and audited accounts.

For more information about the Trust Board please contact us on 0117 3790119.


Mulberry Educate Together has a Academy Development Committee (ADC) comprised of staff, parents and local residents, generously giving up their time and expertise to help develop and shape the school for the community it works within. The Committee also acts as a line of communication between the school and the Trust Board and as such has one Trust representative. 

Elections will happen annually until the school reaches its seventh year, after which elections are done on a rolling basis every two or three years. At this stage the Board may decide to delegate some responsibility to the Committee, as a sub-committee of the Trust Board. 

The members of our Academy Development Committee (ADC) are:

Francesca Roach: Chair of the ADC 

Community Representatives: Nina Haigh, Emma Pauncefort

Parent Representatives:Dominic King, Joelle Knox

Staff Representatives: Natasha Sealy, Erica Rigg

Headteacher: Emma Garnett

If you would like further information please contact us on 01225 696444. 

Public Consultation

 To finalise a funding agreement with the Department for Education, Educate Together is required to complete a public consultation. We would like to thank everyone who took part in both phases of the consultation. The report is available here.