Our School

At Mulberry Park Educate Together Primary we like to work collaboratively with families and the community around us to ensure our children have the best experience possible.

Why we are special

Educate Together schools are different to many other primary schools.  Here are just some of the ways we stand out…..


At Educate Together schools, we do not have a school uniform.  The children are free to wear whatever they wish.  All we ask is that the children do not come to school in their best clothes or fancy dress, as they may get ruined.  We have a wide range of activities on offer, some of which may be messy! We are also an all-weather school, meaning we go outside every day, even in heavy rain.  It is therefore important that children are dressed appropriately.

Being able to wear their own clothes means that children are able to express their individuality;  what you are wearing doesn’t make you a better learner. The children are taught about respecting and celebrating each other’s individuality and so we have never had any incidents of bullying linked to clothing.  Equally, wearing a uniform doesn’t mean that you behave better or show more respect.  We have also found that this has a positive impact on the relationships between staff and pupils because staff are not having discussions with the children about breaches of a uniform code.

First Names

All the adults at an Educate Together school are called by their first names by the pupils, staff, parents and visitors.  This again is linked to recognising a person’s individuality and eliminates any perceived hierarchy around the use of titles.  We have found that it removes some barriers for adults by being able to talk to staff as equals.  It also supports our youngest pupils with transition, as adults are referred to by their first names in many Early Years settings.

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